Serpent – Powerstart – Starter Box


Pre-assembled starter box for use with circuit based cars as well as buggies and other cars with inline engines.

Available July 07

Serpent pioneered the compact dual motor starter box back in the 90’s and now they have done it again with a very compact and durable composite starter box. Suitable for both conventional and in line engines, this new box is perfect for all types of car and with the adjustable positioning mounts you can make yours easily fit.


Easy to Carry

The new Powerstart is ultra portable, which not only makes it simple to transport to and from the track but also to and from the pit lane. The end of the starter box features a large easy to grip handle for comfortable transport.


Adjustable mounts

The front and rear of the Powerstart features adjustable mounting blocks which can be easily adjusted by loosening and tightening the posts from the top and sliding them along the provided rails to find the optimum position for your car.


Glow Starter mount

The rear of the Powerstart sports this handy clip holder to mount your glow starter, an essential item to not forget, or loose, and now you have a place for it you hopefully can keep better track of it.


Small parts container

The topside of the starter box, features a removal small parts compartment for holding body clips and the all-important spare glow plug. The compartment has a lid so these parts don’t fall out when carrying the starter box and when removed from the top of the box there is a hole for holding your glow starter in a race ready position.



The new casing for the Powerstart has been made from a single upper and lower composite piece and together they form a very rigid and durable exterior which can hold up to dropping and banging. The case has been made from dark grey material and the side of the box features the Powerstart logo, screen-printed directly onto it.


Carry Case

All Powerstart starter boxes come with a handy and stylish carry case, which has been made from a hardwearing nylon. Encasing the complete box, only the handle is left exposed which is used to carry the box and bag, while on one side of the bag there is a pocket for storing cables, glow starter and other related items. Made in black and sporting orange tubing, the front side sports a large white embroidered Powerstart logo while the front of the pocket also sports a smaller Powertart logo.


Source : Serpent

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