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Brushless Motor Mount Set (Cyclone/Purple)


Today’s touring car drivers need to have a big range of gear ratios at their disposal, and with the Brushless Motor Mount Set for the World Championship-winning Cyclone, you’ll be able to run larger spur gears for more internal drivetrain options.
With this set your layshaft will be raised by 2mm, allowing you to fit bigger spur gears for increased tuning and a step up over the competition!


Rear Suspension Block (2.5 Degrees/Aluminum/Black)

Optional rear suspension blocks for the Cyclone D4 allow you to alter the inboard toe at the rear of the buggy, giving you more tuning options for different driving styles and track conditions. Two options are available to extend the adjustability of the stock suspension mounts: 2 degrees and 2.5 degrees.
The black anodized aluminium blocks hold the standard hard rubber inserts for the suspension pivot pins, providing extra protection for the pins and suspension arms while keeping the suspension parts independent of the drivetrain bulkheads.

#61462 REAR SUSPENSION BLOCK (2 Degrees/Aluminium/Black)
#61463 REAR SUSPENSION BLOCK (2.5 Degrees/Aluminium/Black)

Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier (1 Degrees/Purple)

Option rear hub carriers for the Cyclone D4 allow you to subtely alter the suspension characteristics for the car, giving you extra opportunities to adjust the car’s behaviour for varying track conditions and driving styles. Two options are available to extend the adjustability of the stock hub carriers: 0.5 degrees and 1 degree.
The purple anodized aluminium hub carriers are extremely strong to withstand the rigours of off-road racing, plus they feature the stock upright camber link locations and set screw mounting of the outer suspension hinge pin.

#61512 ALUMINIUM REAR HUB CARRIER (0.5 Degrees/Purple)
#61513 ALUMINIUM REAR HUB CARRIER (1 Degrees/Purple)

Rear Wheel (Yellow)

Get stylish with your Cyclone D4 with these great-looking yellow dish wheels! These wheels are exactly like the stock dyeable white D4 wheels, but in a bright yellow colour for a bit of extra flash on the track. Use them as a tuning aid to see where your wheels are pointing in any corner on the track, or simply use the yellow wheels to match your paint scheme.

* Lightweight bright yellow plastic
* Stiff rib structure to maintain shape and strength
* Aerodynamic dish shape
* Pre-drilled holes
* Rear wheels fit B4 with Cyclone D4 hex hubs
* Sold in pairs

#61516 FRONT WHEEL (Yellow)
#61519 REAR WHEEL (Yellow)

Source : Hot Bodies

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