Korea Kyosho Cup


The winner of Serpent Race in Korea — XRAY Team Driver ‘Gi-Bon, Goo’ — also won the Kyosho GP Touring Race in Korea with his race-specialized XRAY NT1. It was his third straight win this month.

Team XRAY Korea was represented by three team drivers: ‘Gi-Bon, Goo’, ‘Gi-Yul, Kim’ and ‘Jung-Ho, Hong’. These same three team drivers dominated the race with their NT1 cars.

It was very close race, enough to showcase the performance of NT1 taking top ranks in the race.

Kyosho Cup final results:

1. Gi-Bon, Goo XRAY NT1
2. Ji-Whan, Jang
3. Gi-Yul, Kim XRAY NT1
4. Jung-Ho, Hong XRAY NT1

5, Nak-Sung, Choi
6, Se-Yong, Oh
7, Kyung-Won, Hwang
8, Kun-Su, Kim
9, Mu-Sung, Kuk
10, Hyn-Ho, Ahn






Source : XRAY

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