Racer In the Spotlight – Philip Eberle


For Sepernt latest ‘Racer in the Spotlight’ caught up with German driver Philip Eberle.  One of the young stars to emerge from the 2007 European 1:8 B Championships in Slovenia here is his response to our questions.

Driver Background information

Name – Philip Eberle
Nationality – German
Date of Birth – 02.08.1990
Sponsors – Serpent Motorsport, Mega
No. of years racing – 8 years
Class experience – 1/8, 1/10



Serpent – How did you become involved in that sport?

Philip – My father is very interested in motorsport and he started by himself this sport in 1990.  At the age of 9 years I got the possibility to participate at a RC car race.  I was enthused immediately, also my father recognized my talent and from that time on he only supported me as my mechanic.

Serpent – How long have you been racing Serpent cars?

Philip – Already my father used Serpent as he practiced this sport, so for me it was obvious also using this brand.  So from the year 2000 to 2004 we relied in Serpent cars. For the duration of two year we tried a competitor car.  We have not been really satisfied with this supplier and finally the brand loyalty was the reason turning back to Serpent.

Serpent – Can you tell us a little about the R/C racing scene in Germany?

Philip – In Germany this hobby enjoys popularity.  You can observe that many drivers determine racing in the 1/10 scale class, because cost wise it is cheaper than the 1/8 scale class.  The amount of drivers at the 1/8 scale class does not increase and is steady.

Serpent – You made a big impression at the recent 1/8 EC-B in Slovenia.  Can you tell us how you saw the event?

Philip – We prepared very well already in Germany for this event.  After the sight-seeing of the race circuit my first thought was – this is really a very sophisticated track.  But after taking the first rounds with my car, I felt that something great could happen here.  In addition that Michael Salven supported us with enough motor power a good placement seemed to be reachable.

The organisation was perfect, and the ambience for driver and mechanics was very pleasant.  Of course I was very disappointed not having reached the title, but nevertheless it was a great week for me.  We take with us wonderful impressions and I think we have learned a lot during that time.  A special thanks to Team Serpent for that more exceptional assistance.

Serpent – Will you be racing in any other major international events?

Philip – In the future we will reduce the amounts of regional races and will concentrate on more international races. (EC-A in Lostallo or EFRA GP)

Serpent – What has been the highlight of your racing career?

Philip – Of course up till now the EC-B in Slovenia was the highlight in my career.  Also placing fourth at the German Mastership in Türkheim in 2005 and the win of the International AMT-Cup in Sinsheim with a Serpent 720 in 2007.

Serpent – What element of the sport do you like most?

Philip – It is the biggest challenge to race against my competitors at a final race and to perform very well.  If I have some time left, I prepare my car and try to optimize everything.  But best I like to drive of course.

Serpent – If you could change anything about the sport what would it be?

Philip – I would try to make this hobby more affordable to give more interested people the possibility to practice this wonderful sport.

Serpent – Do you ever have days that you feel like packing it all in?

Philip – I think from the beginning a certain pressure having success was with me and this was not always easy to handle.  Of course I had some situations to throw down everything, but when the success returns back you can leave the trouble behind you and look forward.  Going this way is the “key of success”.

Serpent – If you were not involved in R/C racing what other sport do you think you would have pursued?

Philip – My second passion was playing football.  But thereby we often traveled to race events I decided having priority on R/C car racing.  In my spare time I visit a fitness centre regularly, because fitness is a considerable advantage for modelsport at a high level.Source : Serpent

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