Novak 3 Amp High-Voltage Universal BEC


Official Press Release:

Novak is pleased to introduce a new 3-Amp High-Voltage Universal BEC (#5463). This product allows you to run higher voltage main battery packs up to 26.4 Volts (4-22 Ni-MH Cells or 2-7 Li-Po), and regulates output to 6 Volts/3Amps to provide consistent power to your electronics throughout the charge.

The #5463 HV BEC is ideal for applications that use higher main battery pack voltage such as monster trucks, speed run cars, boats, planes, helicopters, or anything that uses above 12 or more volts in the main battery pack. This is due to the fact that most speed control BECs have difficulty handling more then 8.4 volts input.

The #5463 is now the second 3-Amp Universal BEC available from Novak. The first, the #5460 Nitro Servo Regulator, will now be known as the #5460 3-Amp Universal BEC. The #5460 Universal BEC is designed for use with higher voltage receiver battery packs (6-8 cell Ni-Cd or Ni-MH, or 2S Li-Po packs) used in nitro vehicles. The regulator takes input voltage from 6.3 to 8.4 volts, and regulates output to 6 Volts/3Amps to the receiver and servo. This allows the servos to operate at their optimum levels, prevent servo damage, and extend runtimes.

The #5460 BEC is ideal for users looking for a simple, easy-to-use, one purpose item. It is intended to be used as a receiver battery pack voltage regulator to power the receiver and servos in a nitro vehicle. It is also ideal for use with 2S Li-Po receiver battery packs.

Both the #5463 and the #5460 3-Amp Universal BECs are designed as competition-based units and do not feature any low-voltage cut-off or safety. The new Novak #5463 3-Amp High-Voltage Universal BEC will be available at the end of June 2007. The retail price is $39. Novak’s #5460 3-Amp Universal BEC is currently available and has a retail price of $29.


Provides consistent power to vehicle electronics during entire charge
On/Off Switch for clean installation
Universal JST Plug that fits all popular brand receivers
Blue power indicator LED
#5463 features High-Efficiency Switching Regulator for cool, consistent operation
#5460 features a low-voltage operation that maintains consistent voltage and current even when the input voltage falls down to 6.2 volts.


Input Voltage: 4-22 Ni-MH* or 2-7S Li-Po (#5463); 4-8 Ni-MH* or 2S Li-Po (#5460) [*1.2V/cell]
Output Voltage: 6 Volts
Output Current: 3 Amps
Input Wire Gauge: 20 AWG
Output Wire Gauge: 20 AWG (#5463), 26 AWG (#5460)
Size: 1.0” x 0.8” / 25.4 x 20.3 mm (#5463); 1” x 0.7” / 25.4 x 17.8 mm (#5460)
Weight: 0.72 oz./20 grams (#5463); 0.3 oz ./ 8.5 grams (#5460)

Source : rc411 & Novak

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