Xray – NT1 Options – Lightweight Carrier

335521 Lightweight Carrier for 2-Speed Gear (2nd) – Alu 7075 T6 + Ball-Bearing


For serious racers looking for smart weight savings and optimized rotating weight, XRAY’s new optional lightweight 2nd gear carrier made from 7075 T6 alu has been strategically lightened compared to the standard #335520 carrier, reducing rotating weight without sacrificing strength or durability. Includes factory-pressed ball-bearing; the ball-bearing must be regularly serviced, cleaned, and oiled. The ball-bearing cannot be replaced once worn out.


• Lightweight 2nd gear carrier
• Tough premium 7075 T6 aluminum
• Precision CNC-machined
• Factory-pressed precision ball-bearing
• Strategically lightened for reduced rotating mass
• Optimum strength & weight

Source : Xray

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