Much More – Brush Setter Stand


The Brush Setter Stand is designed to hold your motor tight and
stable when using the Brush Setter parts.
The stand makes your brush jobs much easier!

More New Items

MK-CB75 EXP Brush Setter Cutting Blade φ7.5
MK-CB76 EXP Brush Setter Cutting Blade φ7.6
MK-CB77 EXP Brush Setter Cutting Blade φ7.7
MK-CB78 EXP Brush Setter Cutting Blade φ7.8

Save your break-in time with these cutting blades that have different diameter.

MK-TBS Timing Brush Setter for Stand up Brush
Provides 0.3mm/0.4mm/0.5 mm altered timing + Cut slot

MK-TBL Timing Brush Setter for Laydown Brush
Provides 0.2mm/0.3 mm altered timing cut and normal 0.0mm slot + Cut slot

Brushes that has been altered with Timing Brush Setter may cause higher drag brake than full face brush. To reduce this effect please grind Reducing drag break created due to timing altered brush.

MK-CBS Brush setter for Check Point Motor

Source : Much More

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