Team LUNA – Glory Kaiser – 23T Motor

Translation : It is the motor of Team LUNA 2007 stand rise advanced angle free type. 2007 JMRCA 23T new model stock motor glory Kayzer series! Both stand rise variable advanced angle type and the LUNA original base they are the LUNA original tuning specifications! * Matched balance rotor of balance level 3~6% * Breath MC process being completed brush loading! * Metal centering of coil & best advanced angle setting! * 6 blade fan attaching rotors!

LU-400 Glory Kaiser 33 Blue

Fan attaching 3 millimeter core 3 hole short torque type (stand up brush, for preferential course)

LU-401 Glory Kaiser 46 Red

Fan attaching 4 millimeter core 6 hole long torque type (for extension preferential course of the high-speed limits) it is optimum to the resin tire drift!


Source : Team Luna

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