Dutch Nationals 200mm Round 3


Final Result :
1. Maarten van Lierop XRAY NT1
2. Richard Keur
3. Remy Muller
4. Jilles Groskamp XRAY NT1
5. Ruud Schuitmaker
6. Bas Geurds
7. Fedor Eskes XRAY NT1
8. Bart van de Water
9. Ruben d’Arco XRAY NT1
10. Sander Borghoff

This weekend saw Round 3 of the Dutch Nationals 200mm Championship being held at the Gouda track in the centre of Holland.

Sunday morning the racing started with heavy rain. In the last qualification round the track dried up and it was Jilles who TQ’d with Maarten van Lierop in 2nd, both driving the NT1.

Just after this round it started to rain again so all lower finals where run under wet conditions.

The track dried up afterwards and for the final main the track was almost dry so everyone started on foam tyres. At the start, Maarten overtook Jilles as Jilles started on a wet patch and Maarten was on a drier part of the grid. Soon Jilles overtook the lead and starting pulling away. Eight minutes before the end, disaster came for Jilles with a stopped engine. Maarten soon overtook the lead and took home the victory. Jilles tried to fight back after some engine work in the pits but he had already lost too much time. Richard Keur came in 2nd and Remy Muller took the 3rd and last podium spot.

Jilles Groskamp Set-up sheet.

Source : Xray

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