Kawada – Drift Star 15 Turn Motor


Translation :
It is the high power fan attaching motor which is optimum to Wayne Mah XB8EC Set-up sheet. rubber type drift travelling. As for advanced angle fixing to the 20° which it is easy to handle. The ball bearing was adopted to the bearing.


Translation :
The high power motor ‘drift which is optimum to drift travelling* Star 15T’ appearance!!

KAWADA which release is continued to do the advanced motor for long time race/lace squeezing the mark to drift travelling, it is the special motor which was developed.

In the 20° where the bearing makes the ball bearing and supports the tough running, to handle advanced angle most being superior easily in balance fixing (with small processing advanced angle adjustment possibility). The large-sized cooling fan is equipped and heat generation of the motor is controlled. As for motor for drift ‘the drift of KAWADA* With star 15T’ it is the rule!!

Source : Kawada

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