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Checkpoint is at present the innovativste manufacturer of brushed competition engines and celebrates numerous successes world-wide. Many of the world-best drivers, like also world champion 2005 Marc pure pool of broadcasting corporations and its brother tonuses Rhine pool of broadcasting corporations changed to the successful checkpoint/O’Donnell Racing team. Convince yourselves of the excellent high quality and reliability the checkpoint of products.

Team checkpoint Competition engines
CP480 6T Competition on-Road 6 x 1
CP481 7T Competition on-Road 7 x 1
CP482 8T Competition on-Road 8 x 1
CP483 9T Competition on-Road 9 x 1
CP484 9T Competition off Road 9 x 2
CP412 10T Competition off Road 10 x 1
CP485 10T Competition off Road 10 x 2
CP487 12T Competition off Road 12 x 2
CP490 13T Competition off Road 13 x 2

After intensive development of engineers of checkpoint by the team drivers with the new engines introduction on the market several large victories were already brought in right after in on and Offroad. The same engines, anchor and coals, which use the team drivers, are offered for each Racer. Whether stage Trucks, route car or Offroad vehicles, team checkpoint has the engine, which brings you to the point.

Team checkpoint 19T Spec engine
CP491 19T Spec (Machine Wound) 19 x 1


– long-lived, high performance standard engine
– running in ball bearings
– suitably for reglementierte running series, there fixed timing of 24°
– machine-wound anchor
– engine head made of easy-weighty plastic bonding material
– perfect arrangement of the coal guidance
– six cooling slots at the head provide for good cooling and prevent an overheating of the ball bearings
– medium gold feathers/springs with same positioning as with modified the engines
– positioning and execution of the coals as with modified the engines
– entstoerkondensatoren already installs
– specially long connection latches
– Atlas Race coals

Source : CS electronics & Team Checkpoint

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