X Factory – X-5 Squared


The X – 5 has been the fastest car on the track for three years now, but we’ve never stopped thinking about ways to make it better. We here at X Factory have received tremendous input from our Team drivers and Family members: people have sent in seeming countless ideas to improve durability and performance. Many possible improvements have been designed and tested: changes to the chassis, driveline, body, and so on… all come together to create such and improved car we had to release the evolved kit as a new car.


Colored in blue and labeled in the C.A.D. images below are the 15 changes to the X – 5 chassis, all done to make the car easier to build, maintain, and more durable:




Besides the physical changes to the mold, X Factory has spent much time and money working with a new molding company in Los Angeles to produce the Squared chassis. This company has made parts for various R/C companies for more than 20 years, utilizing a much newer, better presses with greatly improved molding techniques. We have also begun using a new graphite material that provides almost the same stiffness while making parts that are considerably less brittle.

With the original X – 5, X Factory put the emphasis on chassis rigidity because we think it makes the best race car, and frankly we went a bit overboard there. The new material and parts are still very stiff and fast, but the Team did not break a single X Factory part the entire week in Albuquerque on an unforgiving, hard-as-concrete track.

Source : X Factory

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