RC-Edit – Piston Stopper & Body Marker

Piston Stopper (for All Nitro Engines)

Use this convenient Piston Stopper to lock any nitro engine piston in place for safe and easy flywheel or clutch removal. Prevent scrapes, cuts and bruises that you can get by using just a pair of pliers, and make your work go faster, too. Simple remove the glow plug from the engine, screw the Piston Stopper in place, and your piston and crankshaft will be locked into position.

Made from high quality aluminium and anodized a cool grey, our Piston Stopper features a knurled grip for quick finger tightening. The unique plastic tip protects your delicate aluminium engine internals from scratching, making sure your engine continues running at top efficiency and power!

Precision Boday Marker

Fit any type of clear or painted bodyshell easily and with no fuss, using Edit Precision Body Markers!

Simply slip one of these markers over each body post on your buggy, truck or touring car, place the bodyshell on the car and press firmly but gently on the body to put light dimple marks on the shell. Then use a body reamer or drill to make the appropriately sized holes to fit your body posts. It can’t get any easier to have perfectly fitted bodyshells!

Made from high quality anodozed aluminium and fitted with rubber o-rings to prevent slippage, Edit Precision Body Markers are the bodyshell accessories the pro’s use!

Source : rc-edit

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