Bystrica Race Cup


The first race of this year´s summer season of RC CARS was held in Banska Bystrica on June 9, 2007. The new track invited competitors in four categories. The race was held in hot, sunny weather.

In the EC 1/10 Modified category, Martin Mihalik from AMK BB and Zdeno Kunal junior MK KE1 were fighting for 1st place at the start of the final rounds. After beautiful maneuvers, the first position in the finals was won by Martin Mihalik, who also won the final rounds. They were driving with TakeOff 27CS tyres with 5-cell 4200mAh batteries

1. Martin Mihalik XRAY T2’007
2. Zdenko Kunak XRAY T2’007
3. Brano Beck XRAY T2’007


The EC 1/10 SPEC 19T category — 19T fixed-timing motor, 6-cell batteries, TakeOff 27CS tyres — was dominated by Miroslav Vidra from AMK BB, who was in 1st place at the start of the final rounds.
Fighting to the last moment for other positions were Jozef Polacik, Lukas Bedlek, Simon Polak and Tomas Langermann. The final was an awesome battle among these equal drivers:

1. Miroslav Vidra XRAY T2’007
2. Lukas Bedlek XRAY T2’007
3. Simon Polak XRAY T2’007
4. Tomas Langermann XRAY T2’007
5. Milos Svihran XRAY T2’007

6. Lubo Dudak
7. Stefan Beck XRAY T2’007
8. Jozef Polacik XRAY T2’007

9. Ladislav Toth


The EC 1/10 STOCK category is restricted to Johnson 540 motors, 6-cell batteries, and TakeOff tyres. From the very beginning, the race was dominated by Michal Zahora from AMK BB

1. Michal Zahora
2. Viliam Valent XRAY T2’007
3. Lubo Dlhy XRAY T2’007

4. Svetozar Spalek
5. Viliam Valen, junior XRAY T2’007
6. Lukas Spalek
7. Matin Toth


Category M18 was for models in 1:18 scale. Any kind of motor could be used, 5- or 6-cell batteries and all tyres. No one driver dominated and to the end of the race the driving mistakes would determine the winners.

1. Zdenko Kunak XRAY M18PRO
2. Jan Bartos XRAY M18PRO
3. Miroslav Vidra XRAY M18

Source : XRAY

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