French 200mm Touring Car Championship – Round 4


The 4th round of French 200mm Touring Car Championship was held in the Minis Racing Car Longvicien under blue skies and warm weather. This race was very well organized and more XRAY NT1 cars were at the start including two XRAY drivers Basile Concialdi and Nicolas Bougnoteau.

Final results:
1. BA Arnaldi
2. Basile Concialdi – XRAY NT1
3. Arnaud Chaussard
4. Sébastien Wartelle
5. Michael Derderian
6. Nicolas Bougnoteau – XRAY NT1
7. Jacky Mouton
8. Renaud Monin
9. Arnaud Soulignac
10.Thomas Desmaries

Source : XRAY

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