French Championship Round 4 – 1/10 Touring Car


The 4th French Championship for 1/10 touring cars was held on June 23-24 at Antibes near Cannes (French Riviera). The XRAY cars were really fast, and 5 cars managed to be in the Expert A-Final. The weather was really good and sunny at 30°C, and the track was very warm at 50°C.


Final results:

1-Stefan Bellity XRAY T2’007
2-Loic Jasmin
3- Aurélien Thréout XRAY T2’007
4-Hugo Ragaut XRAY T2’007

5-Alexandre Laurent
6-Jeremy Delalondre
7-Christophe Tardy
8- Cyril N’day XRAY T2’007
9- Lucas Urbain
10- Benoit Labez XRAY T2’007


Stefan Bellity Set-up sheet.

Source : Xray

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