Tamiya – 1/12 Ferrari 288GTO


Will be available in July 14, 2007 usinjg the GT-01 Chassis


Translation :

Special Ferrari of the misfortune which debuts < in 1984 >
Debut to the Geneva show 1984. Those where it was developed in order to participate to the sport car race/lace by the group B machine of that time are Ferrari 288GTO. The best-sellerdom model of Ferrari, 308GTB the base it is finished completely in the monster machine of the different thing, the rack equipment does the resin make body in the metal tubing space frame, V type 8 cylinder 4 valve the DOHC of total cubic displacement 2855cc twin turbo engine loads onto vertical ranging onto the midship. As for the highest output 400 horsepower, as for full speed you were proud of 305km/h. In addition, as for the body which uses the lightweight material the fender front and back wide conversion. As for the slit and the ducktail 3 of the rear fender rear section, it is something which represents Ferrari 250GTO which from 1962 shines in 3 year continual champion. Although the opportunity of encounter participation was lost due to the disappearance of group B category, the high mechanism does the commemoration model of the Ferrari establishment 40th anniversary which appears in 1987, being to be succeeded in F40. Special Ferrari which the production quantity barely even 273 units is said joins to the タムテックギア assembling kit series.

< The GT-01 chassis adoption which sets the wheel base to 204mm >
As for chassis with the Porsche turbo RSR934 the same straw raincoat GT-01. The lightweight ï½¥ low center of gravity in the chassis constitution where the rigidity which combines the roll cage to the semi monocoque frame is high, equipping 4 wheel double wishbone suspension. Especially, the front the damper adopting the inboard type which mounts horizontally in lengthwise, it reproduced the low nose. High efficiency the rear wheel 2 wheel drive which loads 370 type motors onto the rear. The ball diff. which shows the traction which is superior, the slipper which protects the gear from the shock of 10001 – the clutch standard equipment. Furthermore, in addition to full bearing specification, the drive system whose loss is little was actualized e.g., the universal shaft is used. In addition, in order to adjust to the forum of the extension and kana Ferrari 288GTO, setting the wheel base to 204mm with the rearrangement of the part. 19mm it has extended vis-a-vis Porsche 934. Of course, the polycarbonate make where the body which reality fully is finished is strong in the shock, is light. Height of the scale impression of designating the door mirror and the front and back bumper which have the feature stay as another part charm. You re-displayed also speed line make 5 these spoke wheels which tighten the foot origin to real, made the plating finish.


< Basic specifications >
– Total length 356mm
– full-width 168mm
– total height 95mm
– wheel base 204mm
– tread = F:129mm R:138mm
– tire width/diameter = F:20/54mm R:25/55mm
– frame = strengthening resin make monocoque type frame
– drive system = horizontal ranging motor rear drive 2WD
– diff. gear = ball diff.
– steering wheel = 3 divided tie rod systems
– suspension = front and back double wishbone
– gear ratio = 10.86:1
– motor = 370 types
– speed controller = ESC specification (selling separately)
– private battery (selling separately) with at the time of approximately 30 minute travelling possible (usual travelling full charge)

Light illumination Module < with LED of selling separately >
Preparing the rectangular 4 light light/write case inside the front grille, and the rear light/write case of muffler ended one somatotype with the plated part. The LED light/write and the タムテックギア LED light/write unit connector of selling separately (the option part) installing, the light/write point also it is possible to make burn.

Source : Tamiya

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