EDIT – Fuel Tube


Replace the thin-walled fuel tubing on your nitro-powered car or truck with durable high-grade silicone fuel tubing from Edit. Mysterious engine problems are often the fault of substandard fuel tubing that develops cracks in critical areas or gets pinched between moving parts. These problems are solved with Edit Fuel Tube, which is thicker than standard fuel tubing for extra protection, yet bends easily to prevent cracking or other damage.

Available in a variety of colours in 1m lengths, you can get the right colour to match your car’s anodized colour or your personal paint scheme.

#ED110074 Fuel Tube Blue (1 Metre)
#ED110075 Fuel Tube Green (1 Metre)
#ED110076 Fuel Tube Red (1 Metre)
#ED110077 Fuel Tube Yellow (1 Metre)

Source : RC-edit & mirageracing

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