HPI – Savage X SS Kit – without Engine


Step up to the toughest monster truck around and get the most fun out of your RC experience with the Savage X SS kit, now available without an engine! With the Savage X SS series of kits, you get to have the fun and enjoyment of building up your own RC monster truck.


Just like assembling a standard static model, you get a fully detailed set of instructions and you assemble every part of the Savage X SS with your own hands. As you progress through the build, you get extra option parts not normally included in the Savage X pre-built trucks, plus you add in your own engine and radio equipment for a truly custom build!

For experienced RC modellers, this means you can add in a fully race-prepped engine and extra fast servos for the ultimate monster truck! You get everything in the box that you need to immediately go out stomping the competition. The engine that you provide attaches to the included tube rear exhaust manifold and dual chamber polished aluminium pipe for monster acceleration and massive top speeds!

You’ll also get the completely beefed-up drivetrain that comes normally in the Savage X SS: alloy diff cases, heavy duty clutch bell, steel spur gear, 2 speed transmission and 17mm hex hubs! Nothing will be able to keep this Savage X SS down!


Source : HPI

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