Last German Qualification at Ettlingen


The last German qualification of the middle part was held in Ettlingen on June 30-July 1. Team XRAY was represented by many local and fast XRAY drivers as well as by top electric drivers Dirk Wischnewski and Martin Hudy. XRAY distributor Bertram Kesler from SMI – along with his family – was at the track the entire time to provide technical help and car support.


Final results:
1 Dirk Wischnewki XRAY NT1
2 Stefan Hanauer
3 Martin Hudy XRAY NT1
4 Sebastian Kunz
5 Patrick Gassauer XRAY NT1
6 Patrick Garbi XRAY NT1
7 Patrick Schäfer XRAY NT1

8 Jens Schmidt
9 Alain Levi XRAY NT1
10 Jan Richter XRAY NT1

Source : Xray

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