Hungarian Nationals – Round 3


Round 3 of the Hungarian Off-road National Championship was held in Budapest on the weekend of July 1, 2007 where XRAY cars showed strong performances on the very bumpy, dusty hard surface. The weather was sunny and dry all weekend. In Buggy class, 10 out of the 29 drivers raced with the XB8 and 3 of them reached the main final finishing 2nd, 5th and 10th in the end. In Truggy class, two drivers were running the brand new XT8 and they finished 2nd and 4th at their very first race with this great truggy!

1/8 Off-road Truggy
1 Svajda Attila
2 Szebellédi László – XRAY XT8
3 Izsay Károly
4 Bársony Csaba – XRAY XT8
5 Bálint Mátyás
6 Wohlmuth Tamás
7 Gyurics Tamás
8 Paár Sándor
9 Kozma Gábor
10 Péter Máté


1/8 Off-road Buggy
1 Orsovai Dezső
2 Vasvári Pál – XRAY XB8TQ
3 Pálla Csaba
4 Izsay Károly
5 Szebellédi László – XRAY XB8EC
6 Lakatos Balázs
7 Nagyházi Lőrinc
8 Tündik Ferenc
9 Tóth Zoltán
10 Valent József – XRAY XB8TQ

Source : Xray

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