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Ford F-350 high lift full operation set
Available in July 14, 2007

Translation :

< Sound light and body vibration ultimate reality production >Most the RC mechanic and the battery etc. were set to the assembly vehicle kit of 1 unit of pickup track/truck which gains popularity and the electromotive radio control car which reproduces Ford F-350, in America. Uses the metal part the making which of withstanding the chassis and the scale impression overflows the body which charm. Furthermore sound loading the pickup track/truck multiple function unit MFC-02 which, controls light and the body vibration you produce ultimate reality. Sound of the large aerodynamic volume displacement V8 engine roars instantaneously turned on the switch, various lights/write which are adjusted to action light up. Even among them as for function of attention electronic clutch. Separately from throttle operation, it can enjoy actual car similar clutch work with stick operation. Using the semi- clutch, while applying traction slowly, also it is possible to connect the clutch quickly when it travels, is increased engine rpm to make start rapidly. It is the real American pickup which adhered to operation feeling.


*Rear view
As for the body the styrol plastic make which uses the precise die. You remove the muffler of the plating finish which tightens rear view possibility.

*Battery exchange
Battery exchange equipping the quick battery holder easily. Furthermore without removing the body, the carrier being able to tilt, it can do exchange.

*Diff. case
Adopting the metal make diff. gear whose strength is high. Furthermore, also the diff-lock is possible. Rough road running the whole distance characteristic is raised.

*Assembly type 3rd gear transmission
As for 3rd gear transmissions which seriously considered low-speed travelling the gear change which is in the midst of travelling enjoys, the slipper which protects the gear – standard equipped the clutch.

*Friction damper
Adopting the aluminum make cylinder of the lead color. To build in the coil spring, changing the type of grease, also adjustment of effectiveness is possible.

*Block tire
Adopting the block which it turns to the side, the hollow rubber make of the diameter 94mm which pulls out sufficient traction even in the road surface whose rugged is extreme.

*Chassis back
Aluminum make under guard standard equipment. Reliability of running is raised.

*Metal make leaf spring
Reality the leaf spring which overflows to consist of 5 leaf springs, the setting due to combination is possible.

*The steering wheel rod for 4WS
If the tension rod of the rear axle is replaced, rear wheel steering is possible. Revolving efficiency is raised more with 4WS.

As for the per cage if the big size of 575×375×155mm, you compare with the spray can and the RC transmitter under the right, the expectation which can realize the size. Making is and it is a certain response 10分の kit. * The transmitter and the color spray are not set.

The part group which lines up in a row. The process which keeps assembling 3rd gear transmissions and the frame and suspension is just actual car feeling fully.

*Original color
As for the photograph the OP.887 marking sticker (the dragon) (selling separately) you use forthe body which was painted with the orange. Also the fact that it finishes at once with the lively original color is the pleasure.

< Basic specifications >Total length 492mm, full-width 216mm, total height 220mm and weight approximately 4kg – motor =RS540 type – drive system = vertical ranging motor shaft drive 4WD – also diff. gear system F/R =2 bevel diff. – also suspension = front and back leaf rigidity – also damper = front and back friction – gear ratio = low/row 1: 64.39 seconds 1: 35.20 Top 1: 21.14 – Controller =ESC specification

Source : Tamiya

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