Greek XRAY Challenge / Gas Open Race 2


The 2nd race of the succesful Gas Open XRAY Challenge took place on July 1st of July at a new track that was different from the 1st race, a design of Fanatix Racing Track. After the success of the first race, new fast Greek drivers participated and in the middle of summer — the peak of tourist season in Greece — 34 participants fought for a place on the podium.


The XRAY NT1 and RB engine combination proved to be the popular choice again!

Qualification was very tough. Louis made a very good lap from his start but Malisovas took 1st place on the grid. There was quite a surprise as young 11yo Kastorinis with his XRAY NT1 qualified 4th in his third ever race.

1 Malisovas
2 Louis XRAY NT1
3 Fokianos
4 Kastorinis XRAY NT1
5 Papachristos
6 Robos
7 Piknis
8 Polimeros
9 Petroglou
10 Antoniou Xray NT1


A-final Results:
1 Malisovas
2 Louis XRAY NT1
3 Piknis
4 Petroglou
5 Fokianos
6 Papachristos
7 Polimeros
8 Kastorinis XRAY NT1
9 Robos
10 Antoniou XRAY NT1

B-final Results:
1 Papamathaiou XRAY NT1
2 Katsikis
3 Gazetas XRAY NT1
4 Gianakakis
5 Katirtzis XRAY NT1
6 Petris XRAY NT1
7 Makris XRAY NT1

8 Meraklis
9 Dedotsis
10 Vrettos XRAY NT1


Source : Xray

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