Russian Championship Round 2


The second round of the Russian club racing championships was held last weekend at the great buggy track in Moscow with sunny weather all weekend and a lot of Russia’s best off-road drivers took part. Team XRAY was represented by Dmitry Malyshko and Artem Lopukhin. Artem Lopukhin took the pole position. Dmitry was in 6th place because of setup problems. However, before the final he made some changes and was able to compete with the leaders.


At the start of the 30 minute final Dmitry Malyshko took the lead followed by pole position driver Artem following in 2nd position. It was very interesting competition, because the cars and skills of the drivers were the same. However, after the second refueling Dmitry lost the lead and dropped to the 4th position because of troubles in the pits. He was able to regain 2nd position after a few laps but couldn’t catch Artem who took the win with Dmitry in 2nd and Anton Shegolev in 3rd.

1. Lopukhin Artem (TQ) XRAY XB8EC
2. Malyshko Dmitry XRAY XB8EC

3. Shegolev Anton
4. Ezdakov Denis
5. Pomogaev Nikita



Source : XRAY

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