Team Corally – New Parts for RDX Phi

New Turnbuckles

The all new lightweight designed Duraluminium Turnbuckles at Team Corally will replace the old stock eventually. In the end there will also be a special wrench (#79277) available, with which you can adjust the new Turnbuckles. With the 3.2 mm middle square part of the new Turnbuckles, it is much easier to proceed any adjustments you like. Just pay attention for left and right turn thread.
The 38 mm Turnbuckles (#79273) have been stopped in production. They have been replaced by 43 mm Turnbuckles (#79274).

79270A RDX / Phi Turnbuckles 21 mm – Duraluminium (1 pair)
79271A RDX / Phi Turnbuckles 28 mm – Duraluminium (1 pair)
79272A RDX / Phi Turnbuckles 33 mm – Duraluminium (1 pair)
79274 RDX / Phi Turnbuckles 43 mm – Duraluminium (1 pair)
79277 RDX / Phi Turnbuckle Wrench for 79270A-79272A / 79274

The 480 mm belt (#77136) – More different pulley combos for RDX Phi

RDX Phi magic Part V: Improved RDX Phi Bulkheads

The RDX Phi Bulkheads have been improved with the new design.
– Super Low Center of Gravity
– Lightweight design
– The new bulkheads feature a milled down surface to allow the use of an extra secure mounting of the newly improved clamps.

79704 / A RDX Phi, Bulkhead, Front – Duraluminium

79705 / A RDX Phi, Bulkhead, Rear – Left – Duraluminium

79706 / A RDX Phi, Bulkhead, Rear – Right – Duraluminium

79707 / A RDX Phi, Rear Bulkhead Centre Brace – Duraluminium

Source : Team Corally

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