LRP is turning the battery market upside down with their new, revolutionary HV2 Treatment System to further improve the performance of today’s batteries.

The LRP HV2 power system is a revolutionary technique LRP invented to dramatically increase the performance of todays high-capacity NiMH Sub-C cell batteries. After years of research & development for the best treatment, LRP`s R&D Team found the right formula – and HV2 has become reality.

The former LRP HiVolt-Plus treatment was originally developed for Sub-C cells with a maximum capacity of 3000 mAh. Now, the revolutionary new HV² Power System is specifically tailored for the latest generation of high-capacity NiMH Sub-C batteries like the VTEC 4200UP “Big Mama” cells. LRP’s R&D Team spend all their years of battery experience and turned common battery treatment systems upside down to find the right treatment formula for a massive per-formance increase. Also the LRP Factory Team was involved during the development process with multiple track-testing under different race conditions in order to fine-tune the HV² Power System to the max.

Final Conclusion: LRP took it’s best cell and treated it with the new HV2 Power System, which was crowned with success. The new, so called LRP HV² VTEC 4200UP “Big Mama” batteries provides a significant increase in power, top-speed and acceleration compared to untreated cells. With increased average voltage and a lowered internal resistance, this system is unique on the market.

Based on the HV² Power System, LRP is now proud to release the LRP HV² VTEC 4200UP “Big Mama” batteries in all three popular grades “Race”, “Team” and “Factory Team”.


• 4200mAh capacity
• Pre-charged after matching process to ensure a trouble free storage time
• HV2 treated
• Extremely low internal resistance
• More punch over the entire runtime compared to other cells on the market tested by LRP

77020 LRP HV² VTEC SC-4200UP „Big Mama“ Race Stickpack
77021 LRP HV² VTEC SC-4200UP „Big Mama“ Race
77022 LRP HV² VTEC SC-4200UP „Big Mama“ Team
77023 LRP HV² VTEC SC-4200UP „Big Mama“ Factory Team

Source : LRP

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