Team Durango’s latest 4wd Buggy


Sourcing from Redrc :

Gerd Strenge, the designer of the Durango was in touch to show all the Red RC readers his latest Durango 4wd buggy that will be raced by their team drivers at the upcoming European Championships in Finland. A lot of people may never have seen the Durango before, and some may be more familiar with it, but to both parties it may be difficult to spot the differences between this latest version and the previous incarnations of this former European Championship winning buggy. The changes to the car allow it to now corner faster and to jump better than the previous version with alterations made to the steering system, the shock towers and to the weight distribution, while changes to the shock absorbers allow to drive better over the bumps and absorb landings easier. Power delivery has also been improved with changes made to the slipper clutch.

Durango will have 3 of these cars in action at the Euros and driving them is front running Austrian driver Gerd Pfeiffer, German racer Ebi Beck and former European Champion, Pro Line Challenge winner and Belgian GP runner up, Joern Neumann.




Source : RedRC

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