Protoform – Frizbee 1:8 Nitro On-Road Body


Another blast from the past body style form PROTOform! The once-mighty CanAm Series had so many body styles that are still relevant today – even in 2007. Unlike the last 1/8th CanAm body style from PROTOform, the Frizbee is designed for large tracks with long straight-aways and sweepers. The Frizbee incorporates some unique air management features to improve handling and stability. A molded in fairing is located behind the cylinder head and INS box (inlet noise silencer) to minimize turbulence and aid airflow to the rear spoiler. In the front there are a pair of air-extractor vents that increase front downforce when properly cut and folded downward.

The Frizbee fits all the popular 1/8th chassis and sits nice and low. Rear bite can be adjusted with the add-on rear wicker/gurney tab. Available in .030 Lexan (lightweight) or .040 Lexan (regular weight) this body has protective outer film and body side-stiffeners with hardware. The PROTOform Frizbee is sure to be seen on the top of the podium this season!


Features :
· Low drag coefficient
· Adjustable aerodynamics
· Sleek styling


Available in two model
1) Regular Weight
2) Light Weight

Source : Protoform

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