Tamiya – HOTSHOT 2007


Available in July 21, 2007

Translation :

< The Tamiya first shaft 4WD racing buggy which becomes the idol >
As a Tamiya first shaft 4WD racing buggy appearance to 1985. Low the aggressive forum of the center of gravity design and the high performance which fully loads the original mechanic with running instantaneously many fans were designated as the idol. As for the chassis the gear box front and back and 3 block constructions which are formed with the center monocoque. High maintainability is charm. As for suspension also front and back the mono shock oil damper and the double wishbone which equips the stabilizer. The especially rear the connecting plate and the progressive type which adopts the push rod. In addition, the thrust ball bearing and the diff. gear were built in to the front and back gear box of direct vent system. Because the peculiar parts just for the hot shot are used mainly, it became the machine where the hand does not reach for the young fan, but that scratches yearning rather and being to come to the point of raising does. The epoch making which establishes the genre, 4WD racing buggy the hot shot which reaches 1 unit. Resale request No. We answering the voice of 1, reissue edition release is done.

< As for basic constitution of charm the reissue edition which is updated that way >
The origin of the design concept that, you do not insert the hand into the forum and structure to the utmost, the re-issue edition which updates just the part and the assembly part which are not agreeable to present condition is the hot shot (2007). Modification as for the principal mechanic that way, as for the drive shaft and the propeller shaft front and back, to the dog bone type whose such as shaft drive 4WD reliability is high and the front and back double wishbone suspension which equips the mono shock damper of adjustable type. Also the oil damper presently made diaphragm type of main current. In addition, as for the kit of reissue edition in order to use ESC for the speed controller, the aluminum heat sink the rear originally is not necessary. However, this part where becomes also an important point of rear view of the hot shot left that way as a dummy. The hot shot which shoots the charm which does not fade still. Also the running comparing with the 4WD off load racer of today is the pleasure.


Approximately as for the drive shaft and the propeller shaft adopting the dog bone type of secure power transmission.


The rear suspension of the progressive type which uses the push rod and the connecting plate.


The dummy aluminum heat sink which becomes an important point of rear view


Approximately also damper of mono shock type. As for oil damper diaphragm type. Turning the outer spacer, hardness of the spring in 3 stages adjustment possibility.


Setting the metal make maintenance stand bar. If the battery holder was raised, it is possible to keep in a state where the tire is raised.


< Basic specifications >
– Total length 390mm
– full-width 235mm
– total height 150mm
– body weight approximately 1270g
– tread = 194mm (also front and back)
– tire width/diameter = F28/82mm R34/82mm
– frame = ABS resin make monocoque
– drive system = shaft drive 4WD
– diff. gear = front and back 3 bevels
– steering wheel = 2 divided tie rod systems
– gear ratio = 8.1: 1 10.04: 1
– Motor = RS540 type
– speed controller = ESC specification

Source : Tamiya

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