Tamiya – Volkswagen Bettle XB


The XB Volkswagen Beetle with M-04L Chassis will be release on July 21, 2007

Translation :

< Rise the enjoyment which the completion where the scale impression is high runs >
As a single model it is the completion electromotive radio control car of the Volkswagen beetle where 2100 ten thousand units or more that is produced and is loved in the world it is most numerous. 1967 type which is called the best of beetle was reproduced to real even in the beetle which is produced 65 annual ones over for a long time from 1938 to 2003. The humorous forum which has roundness reality fully with polycarbonate model. Approximately the bumper and the light/write case, the door mirror the plated part, furthermore the completion where the scale impression also the wheel making the plated part is high is charm. The body also the transmitter assembly and wheel type, the battery and the charger for travelling are set the paint and can enjoy running directly.

< Adoption M-04L chassis of rear wheel drive >
As for the chassis the midship mounting the motor, adopting M-04L which drives the rear wheel. The tire where tread pattern is cut installs high grip type in the rear wheel, weight things such as the battery and the like loading onto the rear approaching. It has become the constitution where the load falls on the rear wheel which becomes the driving wheel sufficiently. In addition, loading steering wheel servo on the centerline of the body, isometric conversion the tie rod left and right. Furthermore, loading ESC “Tamiya TEU-101BK” of the back attachment, it can enjoy smooth speed control.

< Basic specifications >
– Total length 397mm
– full-width 163mm
– total height 145mm
– wheel base 239mm
– tire width/diameter = FR 25/59mm
– frame = monocoque type
– drive system = rear wheel drive
– diff. gear = 3 bevels
– steering wheel = isometric 2 divided tie rod systems
– suspension = 4 wheel double wishbone

Source : Tamiya

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