O.S. Engines – 12TG-P Engine w/12E Carb


The ideal drop-in performance booster!

A super upgrade for off-roaders like the Associated GT2 and HPI Firestorm, the 12TG-P features a pilot shaft that allows for a no-mod retro-fit into today’s top-level competition 1/10 scale stadium trucks. Like all 12TG engines, this powerhouse is economical, easy to break in and makes any vehicle ROAR-legal.

• Consistently delivers up to 14 minutes of run-time on a single tank of fuel.
• The 12E rotary carb is specially designed to meet the demands of off-road models.

• Displacement: 0.128 cu in (2.1 cc)
• Bore: 0.543 in (13.8 mm)
• Stroke: 0.551 in (14.0 mm)
• Practical RPM Range: 5000-30,000
• Power Output: 0.7 ps @ 28,000 rpm
• Weight: 7.45 oz (211.3 g)
• Includes: 12E rotary carb, #8 glow plug

O.S. Engines 12 TZ (P) – T3 ABC turbo Engine w/ 11M Carb


A turbo terror for today’s top 1/10 stadium trucks!

O.S. is filling a vital niche in the stadium truck market by equipping this three-port 12TZ (P) – T3 ABC Turbo engine with a pilot shaft and rotary carb! The pilot shaft makes for no-mod installation while the 11M carb features easy, 3-needle tuning for optimum adjustability!

• Meets IFMAR and ROAR 3-port specs!
• Bore and stroke are virtually equal for the widest possible power band and the ability to adapt to any track.
• Matching tapers on the button head and included P6 medium-heat turbo plug seal and shape the combustion chamber for top efficiency.

Practical HP @
Description Carb Weight RPM Range @RP
12 TZ (P)-T3 ABC 11M 7.9 oz. 5,000- 1.5 @
40.000 33,500

Source : OS Engine & RCCA

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