Tamiya – Toyota Supra

Tamiya – Toyota Supra (TT-01D Chassis) Drift Spec


Available in July 28, 2007


Translation :

< The big body is let flow gorgeously >
It is the assembly kit of the electromotive radio control car which reproduces Toyota Supra which gained the popularity of the automobile fan which left Yosinari weaving/grade even with race/lace as the sport car which represents Japan, seriously considered running with 1/10 scales. Like name being able to enjoy thrilling drift travelling is an important point. As a drift machine it is SUPRA of the actual car that it is somewhat large, but because of that when the drift is decided, exciting it is extraordinary. If the electromotive RC car stacking practice thoroughly, also it is simple to attach the gorgeous running to the body. The real body which raises the reality of running tightens the forum polycarbonate make, the door mirror and the rear wing as another part of the resin make. The chassis which is finished in drift specification is possible finishing, in quality of taste such as adjustment and camber setting of effectiveness of the damper. Race/lace you can taste the thrilling excitation which is different.

< TT-01D chassis>
The RC mechanic and the battery for travelling were loaded onto flat in the mainframe of bathtub type, low shaft drive 4 WD of the center of gravity good balance design and the TT-01 chassis in the base, it finished in drift specification. As for the tire the rubber the drift private type which combines the special resin to the base. Adopt individual cross section, give the moderate grip drift travelling is possible. Furthermore, the short spring and CVA oil damper setting super mini- to 4 wheel double wishbone suspension. You held down drive loss as a full bearing specification, equipped also the aluminum motor heat sink.

< Basic specifications >
– Total length 457mm
– full-width 186mm
– total height 125mm
– the wheel base 257mm
– private drift tire width/diameter = FR 26/63mm
– frame = bathtub type
– drive system = vertical ranging motor & shaft drive full-time 4WD
– also diff. gear = front and back 3 bevels
– steering wheel = 3 divided tie rod systems
– the suspension = 4 wheel double wishbone
– damper = CVA oil damper super mini-
– gear ratio = 8.35: 1
– Motor = RS540
– full bearing specification
– speed controller = ESC specification (selling separately)

Source : Tamiya

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