CEN Racing MG16 – RY


The CEN Racing MG16-RY Ready to Run nitro vehicles are designed to provide nitro fun and excitement without spending outrageous amounts of money. The MG series of vehicles are equipped with power 2.5cc engines that provide and abundance of power at your fingertips. The MG Rally is full time shaft driven 4wd which makes for superb handling, acceleration and stability. Don’t let the small size fool you, the MG Rally and Touring car will provide hours of fun and powerful nitro excitement!


Key Features
• Completely Ready To Run
• Full Time Shaft 4wd Drive train
• Precision Ball Bearing supported
• Extremely fast acceleration
• Big bore oil filled suspension
• Standard size servos, rims, and tires
• Powerful 2.5cc nitro engine w/ ABC construction
• Anti Slip adjustable Clutch system
• Hi-impact durable composite
• Multiple stylish and colored bodies
• 75cc fuel tank
• Fully digital DSX Radio system
• 4 wheel independent suspension


• Type: 4wd Four Wheel Drive
• Wheelbase: 7.5 inches / 190 mm
• Width: 10.5 inches / 266mm
• Gear Ratio: 1:12.410
• Ground Clearance: 1.26 inches / 32mm
• Suspension: Independent
• Speed: 30mph
• Drive Train: Full time 4wd Shaft Driven
• Shock type: Oil filled fully adjustable
• Fuel capacity: 75cc
• Body: Pre painted, decaled, and trimmed
• Radio: Fully digital DSX system
• Chassis: molded composite

Source : CEN Racing

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