Exotek Racing – R2LIMITED – M18 Chassis Conversion


Exotek Racing – R2LIMITED – M18 Chassis Conversion – compatible with M18Pro / M18






  • Limited ‘TITANIUM’ color carbon fiber. 1.5mm USA Quasi weave carbon fiber bottom plate, top plate, bumper support and battery strap.
  • 3D cut areas in the chassis for better front steering link clearance.
  • Finned alloy motor mount for 180/280/300 sized motors with lowered motor mounting for improved CG.
  • Ultra narrow bottom plate (only 80mm wide) for better ground clearance for increased corner speed and stability and true 150mm wheel base.
  • Up to 6 cell side by side battery mounting. Includes alloy battery posts and carbon battery strap with battery mounting as close as possible to centerline for optimal handling.
  • Alloy servo mounts included. New design allows the servo to be placed closer to the drive shaft for better car balance. Designed to accept Hitec 85MG or 81MG sized servos.
  • Alloy steering spacer for improved bump steer.
  • Alloy steel hex hardware included for the conversion parts. .05 sized hex wrench required.
  • Carbon rear shock mount and front bumper brace included.

Source : Exotek Racing

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