Exotek Racing – TEK18 – RC18 Chassis Conversion


Exotek Racing – TEK18 – RC18 Chassis Conversion




SPECS – Compatible with RC18T /B /R

  • Slotted rear biased 6 cell battery mounting. Shifts the battery weight to the rear of the car for better rough track handling. Alloy battery posts and carbon fiber straps included.
  • 2mm USA Quasi weave carbon fiber bottom plate , top plate and battery straps.
  • Re-engineered alloy/ carbon fiber bearing supported mono bell crank steering for precise control.
  • Accepts the stock size servo perfectly but designed to work with the 2 best servos on the market- the superb digital Airtronics 94091 or the slightly larger more durable digital Airtronics 94761.
  • 1 piece carbon top plate keyed to alloy diff covers for tweak resistant operation.
  • Easy 1 screw (from the top- no dirt clogging) motor mount removal and pinion/spur gear mesh.
  • Lowered motor mounting for lower CG and vented and contoured heat fins for optimized motor venting.
  • Carbon fiber drive shaft for excellent acceleration and reliable drive line performance.
  • Maintains the stock geometry of the proven RC18 suspension including the front kick up for perfect off road handling.
  • Aircraft grade T6 aluminum throughout with 7075 aluminum for the front kick up for greater strength.
  • Alloy steel hex hardware included to install the conversion.

Source : Exotek Racing

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