Greyscale Racing – MRCG


Introducing the MRCG: A pan chassis aimed at open-class racers who need a lower CG, more responsive handling, and more tuning options than a standard Mini-Z.


This Mini-Z MR02-based chassis has the following design features:

– Mid-motor configuration for agile handling
– Narrowest battery configuration possible to increase responsiveness
– Dual flex-plate suspension similar to Mini-Z F1
– Compatability with many rear suspension configurations: side springs, tri-shock system, disk damper, oil damper, or any combination of those
– Battery pack placed far more rearward than in Mini-Z MR02
– Adjustable weight bias by shifting battery pack fore and aft
– Electronics plate cinches down on any AAA or lithium-polymer pack that fits
– Unique 3-piece front end allows ride height to be adjusted fully independently of spring preload and front end maintenance without kingpin removal
– Thin fiberglass tierod and electronics plate, lots of Delrin and minimal hardware used in order to keep chassis weight low
– Compatability with many servos and electronics packages
– 98mm wheelbase

Parts included:

– G10 fiberglass chassis pieces: Main chassis, Front lower bulkhead, 0°, -1° and 1° tierods, Electronics plate, Rear body/damper mount, Body mount clips (2), Flex plates (2), Rear pod bottom plate, Rear pod top plate (for disk damper), Rear pod top plate (no disk damper)
– Delrin pieces: 0° caster blocks, servo mounts, tierod horn, standoffs, differential height adjusters (for rear pod; 4 settings)
– Aluminum pieces: Rear pod left and right side plates
– Hardware: Stainless steel screws and nuts

Additional parts required:

– Mini-Z MR015/02 front knuckles, kingpins, springs, spring perches, c-clips, rear ball differential
– Mini-Z MR01/015/02 wheels, tires, bearings
– Micro servo (no wider than 23mm), servo saver
– Receiver and ESC (or combo), compatible transmitter
– Mounting tape for electronics
– 130-size motor, 48dp 2mm shaft pinion
– Battery pack
– Body

Optional parts:

– Extra MR02 front springs and spring perches (for rear end tuning)
– Atomic DPSII spare parts set (includes the 3 plastic shock assemblies and 4mm ball nuts)
– Atomic DPSII spare spring set
– Atomic AR-071 4.1mm ball nut (for the 3 plastic shocks)
– Disk damper post, friction disks, springs (Atomic, PN Racing, etc.)
– Small 2mm washer (for disk damper)
– Kyosho MR015/02 oil damper or equivalent

Rear end options:

– Side springs (adjustable preload via threaded nuts)
– Side plastic shocks
– Center plastic shock
– Disk damper
– Oil damper
– Any combination of the above

Source : Xmodsource

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