HB – Real Competition ESC


Translation :

Drive frequency setting/load response type variable frequency more ultimate competition direction speed controller than on-board HB “Real Competition” new appearance! Load response type variable frequency drive system was begun, all categories, the highest efficiency is actualized with the situation with many up-to-date technologies. If USB adapter “[rearumanejiya] of option (the next few days sale schedule)” you connect, verification of various parameter setting and the data log does, a wider setting is possible on PC. In addition, in initializing high combat power is shown even in a state where it does not set parameter by the fact that the original program which is due to Team HB supervision is made the preinstallation being completed.

* Speed controller for the competition of microminiature light weight
* Preinstalling the original program of Team HB
* Load response type variable frequency drive
* Heat protection function (slow down)
* Low battery protection function
* Power source you forget to cut, alarm function
* Terminal terminal of oxygen free copper adoption
* Data logging functional serial communication facility

Leading particular
* Service voltage: 4.8V~8.4V
* Case size: 28.7×26.2×14.5mm (the spine you exclude)
* Weight: 17.5g (the connector and the switch cord/code you exclude)
* Instantaneous largest electric current: 3360A (FET rating)
* Continual largest electric current: 80A
* Corresponding motor: Above 5T
* Drive frequency complement yes 100Hz~10KHz

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