Thunder Tiger – 2.4GHz Wireless Camera & Monitor Set


The POLYPHEMUS slack camera set is equipped with one slack 2.4GHz camera and a receiving element also 2,5 ” LCD-TFT monitor. CMOS camera can installed in a model become and transfer the pictures on the display. These data can then to further equipment, as PC or TV is passed on.  Additionally one can note the video signal.  The camera has 4 adjustable channels.


Contents of the set:
1x 2.4GHz slack camera
1x 2.4GHz of slack receivers with 2,5 ” LCD-TFT monitor
1x antenna for receivers
2x lithium Akkus for receivers
1x mounting plate for transmitters
1x adjusting tool for lens
1x battery charger for receivers
1x battery charger for camera
2x AV cable


Source : Thunder Tiger Europe

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