Advanced Electronics – ESC 5.1


Features :

  • The up-to-date FET element is used, electric loss is held down as much as possible
  • 4 profile built in (with just the substance change possible)
  • user friendly one button the operation (no external switch, with just the substance makes all operations possible)
  • The simple adjustment with multicolored LED
  • The fail-safe function
  • It builds in temperature sensor and watching abnormality
  • intelligent BEC system built-in (external power source is gone, automatic in order to obtain power source from the battery, the switch it is done)
  • PC throttle profile compilation possibility (option)
  • microminiature (26.5 x 21.5 x 14.5 millimeter spines you exclude)
  • super light weight (15.8 gram silicon cable you exclude)
  • Schottdy diode 2 attachment
  • spare case to be sold separately and set, you can use forever in brand-new state



Input: 4-6 cell
Motor restriction: Above 5T
Drive frequency variable: Possibility, 1.0k-16.0k (main point personal computer)

Source :

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