European Championship ETC 2007 – Xray Live Reports



The 2007 European Championship in 1/10 electric touring category takes place at one of the best European touring car tracks, in the central part of France in a smaller town Montbrison. The track is really some of the better one and the whole facility is very well prepared and layed out. The asphalt is very flat and definitely best asphalt from all the Euros in the last year, so all the drivers are very happy for the quality of the track. Not only the quality of the track is excellent but also the layout is very enjoying, it is very fast but at the same time very technical with a lot of chicanes where the proper balance of the car will be the key competitive advantage, as well several 180 degree corners and few very fast corners. Finally this is the track where the power will not be the deciding factor like it used to be at the Euros in several last years and this small and technical track will definitely challenge not only the skills but also the setup knowledge of all the drivers.

Full Report from Xray

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