H-Energy Select 4300 Battery


The selection immediately the superior cell of the Right choice!
It is the selection battery which in the H-Energy battery which holds preeminent punch power and endurance, you selected and immediately gathered just the superior cell of the Right Choice.
As for ZAPPED processing “wide?” from it was done, pulled out cell original power to the maximum.

2007 JMRCA official recognition battery


Availabe in :
ZAP/H-Energy Select 4,300 – 6 cell (with Deans Battery Bar)
ZAP/H-Energy Select 4,300 – 24 cell

The H-Energy battery safely, and in order to maintain good efficiency!

As for charge, please go below 5A. (Temperature cutting system is recommended.)
Without problem it can charge even with peak cutting system, but as much as possible please make the specification of peak small. (The lowest value which can be set with the charger)
However, when setting is too low, because there are also times when it cuts charge midway note is necessary.
In this case, please increase specification a little.While charging when it exceeds the 50℃, there is a possibility of giving the damage to the battery.
As for temperature at the time of charge end in order to be below the 45℃, please note. (After the charge stop temperature rises.)
When it seems that temperature rises too much the battery after the cooling please stop one time charge even charge midway, charge for the second time. Efficiency does not change.Below the 40℃ (touching by the hand, it is not hot,) with please start the battery temperature when travelling.

After travelling, without discharging, that way please keep.
Almost when using to a state where it does not have the remaining amount, charging 1000mA rank a little, please keep.

When reusing, (1 hours before above, it is good) discharging in advance even with preceding day, when (with 5A), it charges to 1V rank, it is possible to use efficiently.

Note: The applications which give the big damage to the battery
Charge by heavy-current above ●5A
– Increasing temperature while charging too much (use of the warmer and the like)
– When battery temperature has been high (above the 40℃) from use.
– Battery in state of sky long term retention

Source : Powers International

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