Tech Racing – Direct Drive 1/12 DD-R


High speed! 1/12 direct drive racing cars

It can enjoy high speed travelling of 1/12 racing cars easily in 6 cell specification.
* Preeminent travelling stability is obtained with real T bar system rear suspension equipment.
* Front suspension actualizing preeminent cornering speed with real independent suspension adoption.

Height adjustment of maximum of 5 stages is possible


The rear ride height adapter at a time 1.25mm the offset those which are done
Left and right at a time 3 to belong, with combination, height adjustment of 5 stages
It is possible.
The front 8 belongs with the spacer which height adjustment of 3 stages
Being possible, by the fact that you use the spacer of the difference sale furthermore, 5 stages
Height adjustment becomes possible.

Bulk friction system pitching damper & roll damper equipment


Being real, bulk the friction system pitching damper &
The roll damper for roll control is equipped,
It can enjoy travelling which is stabilized even with the parking rod and the like.

New development rear solid axle


By the fact that the solid axle which abolishes diff. mechanism is adopted traction
Coming out is prevented and the sudden involvement and the like in the corner ring is prevented.
Because of this, linear quite like the go cart flying feel is obtained.
Because structure is simple, it is superior even in durability.

T bar present quality modification possibility


The private aluminum spacer by modifying the both sides replacement installation area
It becomes the T bar present and it is possible to change quality.
Adjusting to road surface circumstance and course, it modifies setting,
It is possible to put in optimum state.

Rear axle shaft which is superior in rotary balance

The foil hub of the rear axle shaft, the spur-gear holder stops
D cutting of 3 places at a time 120 degrees rotary balance was superior by the fact that phase it does
It has become the axle shaft. Because of this, the body of the high-speed travelling time
There is no blurring, stability travelling has become possible.

The stainless steel make it heat-treats the shaft, with some crash is not perturbed
You are proud of preeminent durability.

Furthermore it enjoys, redoubling! In the future private option part of development schedule

Aluminum motor mount Heat generation and thermal [dare] of the motor are held down by the fact that the motor mount is designated as the aluminum make.
Pitching oil damper By the fact that the pitching damper is designated as the oil damper, from travelling efficiency improves.
Front tower bar Rigidity of the front part is increased, sharp handling is actualized.
Rear tower bar Rigidity of the rear part is increased, maneuverability improves by the fact that the sense of security the rear is raised.
R the ball diff. With the rear of the solid axle as a ball diff. use, it is possible to obtain more real running.
Friction pad set It is the friction pad set which is adopted for also 1/12 racing cars for pure race/lace.
It improves the movement of rear suspension, road surface following characteristic rises.
Turn buckle tie rod You can adjust toe angle with the tie rod as a turn buckle type quickly.

Source : Tech Racing

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