Tamiya – 2007 Sep New Product

Eclipse Advan SC430 (TA05-IFS Chassis)


Available Sep 15, 2007
* Super GT of this season ECLIPSE ADVAN SC430 which fights already appears by the electromotive RC car.
* As for the chassis adopting TA05-IFS of the isometric 2 belt drives which adopt the inboard front suspension. The actual car similar high performance it can enjoy running. * As for body real polycarbonate make. Setting the medium narrow tire to 12 these spoke wheels of 24mm width.

Ferrari 1/12 288GTO (TamTech Gear)


Available in Sep 15, 2007

* It appears even with the completion model where [tamutetsukugia] Ferrari 288GTO can enjoy running directly.
* As for chassis at Porsche 934 GT-01 of popular [inbodohurontosasu] rear wheel drive. Setting the wheel base to 204mm with the rearrangement of the suspension arm. * The scale impression also the driver doll being attached to the body which overflows, reality of running is raised.
* High efficiency 370 motor attachment.

TB-02D Drift Spec Chassis Kit


Available in Sep 29, 2007

* The chassis for race/lace of the vertical ranging motor & shaft 4WD, TB-02 was finished in drift specification.
* To install the drift tire of new development, in [supotsuchiyunmota] and front and back the TRF special damper (hard black coat) standard equipment.
* Delicate drift control is made possible with the drive system which is superior in the throttle response.

TT-01R Chassis Kit


Available in Sep 29, 2007


M-03R Chassis Kit


Available in Sep 29, 007

Other Products :

  • EBBRO 350R spare body set
  • TS05-IFS F part (hub carrier 4°)
  • TS05-IFS N part (rocker arm)
  • TS05-IFS C part (front upright)
  • TS05-IFS D part (suspension arm) 2
  • TS05-IFS E part (rear upright)
  • GB-01 front wheel (plating)
  • GB-01 rear wheel (plating)

Source : Tamiya

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