Tamiya – XB Impreza WRC Monte Carlo ’07

XB Subaru Impreza WRC Monte Carlo ’07 – TT-01 Chassis



Translation :

The light illumination which makes knight stage closely resembling the pleasure
Subaru, Ford, worldwide rally championship 2007 Citroen fights furiously. The monte carlo rally of commencement game it is the completion electromotive radio control car of the Subaru in presser WRC which fought. Force as for the body which reproduces the forum which overflows to real being lightweight, the polycarbonate make which is strong in the shock. The large-sized rear wing of the splitter attachment, the door mirror of rectangularity tightens the forum. In addition, the racing radial tire was installed on 10 these spoke wheels of the gold color. Furthermore, setting high brightness LED to the light case part of the plated specification which is the 3-D. As for the headlight the white light to which the becoming green which represents the HID lamp of the actual car applies, the rear the red light lights up. Making the light/write light up, if it runs, also mood of knight stage fully is. Of course, it assembles the body and is completed, also the transmitter, the 7.2V battery and the charger of wheel type are set, can enjoy travelling directly.

Shaft 4WD chassis
The chassis loaded the RC mechanic and the battery for travelling onto flat in the mainframe of bathtub type, it is low shaft drive 4WD of the center of gravity good balance design and TT-01. Going hand in hand with 4 wheel double wishbone suspension and the diff. gear etc which is equipped on front and back, the controller bull which does not have [kuse] you show maneuverability. Furthermore, the speed controller both moving back and forth loaded ESC and Tamiya TEU-101BK whose delicate speed control is possible. In addition, it points also the handiness which decreases adjustment place in addition to the lightweight body constitution which uses the resin part. Of course, when it is accustomed to operation, also efficiency rise is possible with the part which is even abundantly.

Basic specifications 
– Total length 446mm
– Full-width 186mm
– Total height 141mm
– Wheel base 257mm
– Tire width/diameter also =FR 27/67mm
– Frame = bathtub type
– Drive system = vertical ranging motor 4WD
– Suspension =4 wheel double wishbone
– Motor =RS540 type motor attachment
– Speed controller = Tamiya TEU-101BK

Source : Tamiya

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