XRAY – XB8EC Chassis Flex Tech Tip


The XB8EC chassis is manufactured from premium Swiss 7075 T6 and is hardcoated on XRAY‘s own fully-automatic state-of-the-art robotic hardcoating line.


Some XB8EC drivers who were used to the XB8TQ may feel that the chassis is softer,
but please note that the XB8EC chassis is not softer but rather it is more flexible due to the use of composite braces both front and rear. The XB8TQ included both composite and aluminum braces and experience has shown us that most customers
installed the aluminum braces; this made the XB8TQ chassis flex less and in most
racing conditions where a more flexible chassis was required the XB8TQ did not
have sufficient traction. For this reason XRAY decided to include only the composite
braces in the XB8EC kit, which can be used in most standard racing conditions as
they provide more chassis flex, making the car easier to drive.

Source : Xray

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