Novak – Goat Crawler Brushless System


As the R/C crawling segment gains popularity, the need for crawler-specific equipment has become greater. Novak is happy to fill the need with the new Goat Crawler Brushless System (#3019), Goat Crawler Brushless/Brush ESC (#3219), and Crawler Sintered Brushless Motor (#3419).

The following four driving profiles make the Goat a versatile speed control:

* Standard Crawler — maintains crawler motor response in both forward and reverse and features high-powered drag brakes.
* Expo Crawler — features the standard crawler profile but uses a built-in exponential curve for smoother response to accommodate entry-level transmitters.
* Servo/Robotic Mode — features precise and symmetric motor control in forward and reverse for robot applications, but without the drag brake.
* Brushed Mode — is automatically selected when used with a brushed motor. For use with brushed motors down to 27-turns.


Four user-selectable brushless throttle profiles that feature Zero Reverse Delay and full programmability:
* Standard Crawler: maintains standard throttle response in forward and reverse
* Expo Crawler: Standard Crawler profile featuring a smoother exponential throttle response
* Servo/Robotic Mode: delivers symmetrical motor control for robot applications
* Brushed Mode: an automatically selected brushed-motor mode

  • Fully programmable interface using the Novak One-Touch button to adjust Minimum Drive, Deadband, and high-power Hill/Drag Brakes (except Servo/Robotic Mode). Drive Frequency is adjustable in the Brushed Mode
  • Built-in Li-Poly Cutoff Protection which prevents Li-Po battery damage (can be activated in all profiles)
  • Built-in Motor Rotation Software (can be activated in brushless modes only)
  • Built-in power 6V output for optional accessory fan (Novak #5648), or other detail items
  • Gold-Plated PCB Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs for flexible soldering options
  • Water-resistant case
  • Factory-installed power capacitor (Novak #5682)
  • User-replaceable input harness (Novak #5320)
  • Thermal Overload Protection and Novak’s Radio-Priority Circuitryâ„¢
  • Designed and assembled by Novak in Irvine, California using globally-sourced components


  • Forward/Reverse: Forward, Drag Brake, Reverse
  • Input Voltage: 4-7 Ni-Cd/Ni-MH cells (1.2V/cell) or 2S Li-Po cells
  • On-Resistance: 0.0012 ohms* (brushless per phase); 0.0012 ohms* (brushed)
  • Footprint: 1.18” x 1.54” (30 x 39 mm)
  • Weight(w/o wires): 1.49 oz. (42.2 g)
  • Rated & Braking Current: 120 amps* (brushless per phase); 120 amps* (brushed)
  • Power Wires: 14-Gauge
  • BEC: 6.0 volt/5.0 amp
  • Motor Limit: 18.5-turn (brushless); 27-turn stock motor (brushed mode)
  • Discrete Steps: 512 Forward; 512 Reverse
  • Battery/Motor Plug: Tamiya (battery); None (motor)
  • Voltage Cut-off: 6.25 volts (when Li-Poly Cutoff Circuitry is enabled)


  • Specifically designed for R/C vehicles that require precise movement control
  • Sensor-based technology for excellent low-speed drivability
  • High-strength Sintered rotor for unmatched performance
  • Oversized Front Bearing for extra durability and extended life
  • Aluminum ribbed end bells for additional cooling
  • Direct-Solder Wiring Tabs for flexible soldering options
  • Ideal for vehicles that have separate transmissions like the Tamiya® Clod Busterâ„¢
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • Thermal Overload Protection
  • Designed and dyno-tested by Novak in Irvine, California using globally-sourced components


  • Number of Turns: 18.5
  • Design: Sensor-based
  • Input Voltage: 4-7 cells (1.2V/cell) or 2S Li-Po cells
  • KV (unloaded): 2,700 RPM/Volt
  • Watts: 119
  • Motor Size: 2.08”L x 1.41”D (52.8 x 35.8mm)
  • Shaft Diameter: 0.125” (3.2 mm) [accepts all existing pinion gears]
  • Bearing: Oversized (1/2” x 3/16”) Front; Standard Rear (3/8” x 1/8”)
  • Motor Weight: 6.73 oz. (191 grams)
    Magnet: Sintered Neodymium (one-piece, multi-pole cylindrical high-strength)

Source : Novak

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