Parma – 1/10 Pro 53 Tires


PRO 53 Touring Car Tires have been in development since ROAR modified the rules to allow an increase in the maximum wheel diameter. We took this opportunity to design an improved series of tires for maximum performance on today’s carpets.


The results are a larger, dish style wheel that has superior strength with a lower profile rubber sidewall. They produce less flex with a stiffer, stable driving feel.Stress analysis tests were performed on many designs to make these wheels the stiffest possible, without excess weight. During the design process, we placed material in strategic areas to add strength where necessary and removed it in areas that would not effect the overall integrity of the wheel. The larger 53 mm diameter wheel diameter provides a bigger contact patch which aids in more consistent lap times and improved performance. Track testing produced similar handling characteristics to popular 2 stage tires. The manufacturing process of our tires also requires less steps, which makes the price lower for racers. The benefits make our tires an advantage for the professional racer and weekend club racer alike.

Source : Parma PSE

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