Team Luna – Dispara & Hyper Explosion



Model for new model YOKOMO MAX ended bell system based pure competition! In order that it corresponds to the pie voltage battery, originality. It is latest and most powerful Modified Motor which adopts brush hold! 3D balance processing of LUNA established reputation furthermore in level UP other things
Just it is ultimate equips the LUNA construction method hand wind rotor which cannot do imitation

* All hand wind finish!
* 07 JMRCA Official Recognition

Hyper Explosion


Explosion of the long cellar furthermore with the goal of high power & easy as repeating improvement, the model “HyperExplosion” is born and changes for almighty competition which! The LUNA first original (SGM) New release it did with based adoption!
Also winding furthermore increasing the degree of precision, the semi hand wind (the part pure hand) it changed and efficiency density raised substantially!
Of course also 3D balance exponent of LUNA fixed turn rise to 1.5~3 level!

Source : Team Luna

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