Team Luna – Hyper Explosion Drift Version


High power & easy the drift model HyperExplosion TS model which was developed in goal!
The LUNA first original (SGM) based adoption, release it did with the “tail slider brand”!
The TS model at the other manufacturer you observe to the winding which cannot do resemblance!

It is the power drift private model which was developed in importance whether power control is possible.


LU-420 Hyper Explosion TS1615 hand wind single 16 turns!
High revolution & the high torque type which are not influenced hard & software compound!
Hand wind 5 millimeter core rotor specifications!

LU-421 Hyper Explosion TS1914 hand wind single 19 turns!
The hard compound seriously considering the high response and startup acceleration to main!
Hand wind 4 millimeter core rotor specifications!

Source : Team Luna

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