HB – EU Moore-Speed Reynard 02S


EU Moore-Speed Reynard 02S 1/12th scale body (Lightweight)

Top-level 1/12th circuit racers know the difference when it comes to parts that can make a real difference on the track, and parts that just aren’t important. A good bodyshell can mean the world to a good 1/12th scale racer, and World Champion and multiple Worlds A-Finalist Andy Moore has developed the ultimate 1/12th circuit racing bodyshell!
Designed to master any track, the Moore-Speed Reynard 02S bodyshell features a front end and midsection sculpted to direct air over the gentle curves of this single-focus bodyshell. It will hug the ground in corners of all sizes and give you superb high speed stability and performance on the straight.

Moulded from crystal clear polycarbonate, the Moore-Speed Reynard 02S features clear overspray film and a decal sheet with headlights and Hot Bodies logos.

Source : HB Hot Bodies

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